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Postby Brian Hoffert » Sun Sep 02, 2001 7:57 pm

Brian Hoffert  Hollin Hills, Alexandria, VA

My family moved to Canada after 11th grade so I must speculate on what graduating class year would have been mine. I'm looking for old friends from that crazy time. I think it would have been the class of '76.

My hair was long and I guess I'd be remembered as one of the freaks. Had a friend nick-named Whitee (Can't remember his real name) and hung out with Michael Hudson, Vincent Kelso, Tom Topping and Bobby Stammerjohn. I hung out on the hill and played alot of frisbee, etc. etc. One year after the Tiger season ended we gained access to the press box and set it up with a couch, black light and Hendrix posters. We drilled holes so we could see if the Vice-Principle (mr.?? large black man - tough dude) was coming. Went to a great party at Donna Dixon's house (she married Dan Ackroyd- Not Bad Donna).

For me it was a time of partying, racial tensions and lots of good times with some lapses of memory. :-) Although I missed the opportunity to make friends with most of you (particularly those who did more than party all the time) Groveton was my school (the greatest school) and there are lost friends new and old out there I'd like to find.

If you remember me or my older brother David Hoffert or my younger sister Lauren e-mail me. I survived those times and live in the NYC area working on Wall Street happily divorced with a cool nine-year old son named Mitchell.

Brian Hoffert
Brian Hoffert
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