Groveton on Popkin's Lane 1974-75 - the Stoneybrooke Crowd

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Groveton on Popkin's Lane 1974-75 - the Stoneybrooke Crowd

Postby bkentw » Wed Aug 24, 2005 3:59 pm

What a year it was. I was a freshman and hanging out with all the right people!!...yeah right!

So Jay Smith, Glen Pavone....was their music as good as I thought it was?? Was Pat Romano really better than they were? And what happened to the Stoneybrooke crowd? Anyone still around? Sally, sweet, sweet Sally?? You were awesome. And I really never broke your frisbee!! Honest! Your sister ran over it with her bike!!! And Fort Hunt about a missed opportunity there. I wouldn't have made the same mistake twice, I promise you!! You looked great that day!! :wink:

Ah, the foibles of youth. Seems like yesterday...NOT! Does anyone remember the meadow? Scott, Larry and Jimmer hope you guys are doing okay. Gary, don't ever take me to your friends apartment again. I had no concept of the trouble I could have been in. Billy and Glen....we're getting old! Kelly - wow!! Hope you survived that whole ordeal back then. I'm still scared of your dad. Suzette, I e-mailed your sister and she told me how you were. Hang in there. Sometimes life ain't so nice but it's better than the alternative.

Take Care, Stormy
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