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Postby admin » Sat Jan 11, 2003 12:00 pm

So you want to be your class forum Moderator...

Great! :cool:

There are certain obligations that go along with this.

1) You will need to review all posting to the class forum on a regular basis.
2) you may edit or delete inappropriate posts.
3) You will be a contact person for your class forum.
4) You will be required to answer questions with intelligent answers. (Gee, I guess I shouldn't be the Forum Admin then)  :p

In order to be approved as a class moderator I will need the approval of at least two others from your class. - In the Class Forum I will post a poll for members to vote. The members will cast their vote and must post an approval also.

Note: I know some classes are small and we don't have many members from them. Therefore, If two weeks go by and no one from your class has approved you I will assume that either they don't care or there isn't anyone else from your class registered. I will then decide whether I will approve you or not.  :crazy:

Please submit your request to become a moderator by clicking the 'SEND MSG' button.

In there explain:
1) What Class Forum you want to be a moderator for.
2) Why you want to become the moderator
3) Who you know from your class. (BTW: Have you invited others?)
4) How often you are on the internet?

Donations to the site are gladly excepted but in no way will sway my decision... But then again ;)

Enjoy & I hope to hear from you...
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